Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today was a big day!

Today all of our new windows were installed, electrical inspection passed, the basement staircase was delivered, the plumber made headway. Oh, and the front parapet brick work was finally completed! We are really pleased with the quality of the mason's work, it looks better than when we bought the house that's for sure!

Inside view of the bay windows.

Picture windows in the Master BR.

Kitchen nook.

Outside view of picture windows of Master BR.

Kitchen nook from the outside.

Bay windows from outside.

Jake during the last snow shower


Amy Pousson said...

oh, Jake looks so cute!

Nick said...

sure Jake is cute, but what about the house?!? j/k ;)

Anna Marie said...

Those windows look great!!!! Won't be long......better start packing

Amy Pousson said...

The house looks awesome! ;) smart a$$