Sunday, May 24, 2009

the Finish Line, or Finishes are Fun!, or suggest your own title

So Kelli and I just returned from the beach in Florida (amazingly relaxing time!) and we are getting very close with the house project now. This is a good thing, considering we are moving in less than seven days. We will actually be sleeping in our house in less than a week, that is a novel idea...

Doors, trim, tile, grout, cabinets, paint.

Master Bath vanity - beautiful.

nice time in the neighborhood

Sunday, May 17, 2009

T-rev to the rescue

Trevor is here and the house is reaping the benefits.  He is helping our subcontractor that we love, Alfreddo, do lots of things inside the house, and also cleaning up the front door and porch which we thought we wouldn't get around to for a while.  Next weekend, Trev and Nick will build the back deck - please wish us luck!

This week the floors were refinished, sanded and stained, siding was almost completed on the garage and addition, tile prep work took place in the bathrooms, we built the raised beds out front, our gas line was unlocked and turned back on by the city (since it passed the pressure test), and Nick and Trevor put together the 5 base cabinets for the kitchen that will be installed Monday so that countertops can be templated on Weds.  We charge forth with plans to move in the last weekend of this month!