Sunday, July 19, 2009

Landscaping and more

Lots has been happening since our last post, so much that it has taken us a while to get around to updating the blog. We have settled in more and worked on the inside and outside of the house. One major accomplishment was building the deck and stairs of the deck - we even had a little BBQ with friends! We also just finished planting over 60 plants to create some curb appeal, and mowed the sod for the first time. The landscaping looks great and will surely fill in over the years. We went with xeric plants in the beds that are in the hot sun for most of the day, and only receive hand watering by yours truly each evening.

Nick at work!

Nick building the stairs of the deck.

Decking of dark brown trex, no splinters!

Nick leveled and installed this flagstone path perfectly.

Baby room is now pink!

Matt, Kelli & Lily hanging on the deck.

Prepping for the big day of planting.
Kelli & Ellie admiring the plants.

Plants back near the deck.

Curb appeal.

The finished product!