Monday, July 5, 2010

from the beach to the mountains

Sorry for the delay from our last post until now, but this just in: blogging takes a lot of time! This is a photo of Ivy having fun in our hotel room in Baton Rouge on the way to the beach, we all had a great time there!
When we got to Florida, we all had to unwind...

the beach was beautiful and FUN FUN FUN!
Ivy tried a lemon at dinner...
then she needed a sip of water!
The ocean was beautiful
and Ivy loved swimming!
Happy girl at lunch time,
contemplating her next move.
And she decided to lounge on the beach with Daddy! (He was very happy about that decision!).
Life is good.
For all of us!
Mom and Ivy got a nice wind gust, and both had the same (precious!) reaction!
Things calmed down, and the fun continued...

Ivy loved the sand so much she had to take some home with her (in her stomach...).
Ivy splashed around in her pool, but really wanted to play in the sand too.
But the fun at the beach had to end, at least we got to go to a BBQ in Boulder when we got back!

The dogs were chillin' was Ives.
No teeth yet (just wait a post or two, they are coming!) but I am still going to tackle this watermelon!
Some things you can eat without teeth...
Trying out her new Argentine hat from uncle Charlie! And maybe trying to fly!?!
Alas, she remained grounded...
Her friends came over to play!

She likes playing in the yard
Don't know what this is, but I like it!
Now we got to go to Estes Park for the 4th of July weekend, and go hiking
Mommy gave Ivy a ride in her new backpack! Some beautiful scenery!

Back at home, having FUN!

Back on the trail, this time riding on Dadddy's back

After swimming on the deck, airing out a bit!!!
Cooking dinner on the 4th, Ivy likes raw sweet-corn :-)
A bath in the kitchen sink was fun.
An all-American 4th of July feast.
And then some intense cloud cover moved in.
The next day we went on a great hike.
This time again riding on Daddy's back
Our destination was Mill's Lake, and it did not dissapoint. Near 6 miles round-trip with some good elevation gain along the way.
The trail was beautiful.
As was the lake once we got there! A quick inspection of the rocks at Mill's lake revealed mostly schist and gneiss.
Since Ivy rode on Daddy's back on the way up and needed a bit of a workout herself, she started with some yoga. Sun salutations for a warm up to begin with...
...A short break...
Then some downward dog...
And then for good measure she busted out a couple of sets of push-ups!
She had to cheer for Daddy's effort, giving her the ride up to Mill's Lake!
Ivy was waving to Daddy while he took photos!
And then for a big meal once we got home.
And a lil' swimming too

And now you have reached the bottom of this post :-)