Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Snow

We had another storm roll into the region today, up-slope flow with lots of moisture and it has hammered the Front Range. Huge snow flakes, really slushy, wet snow. We have gotten over half a foot on the ground and a lot more than that really if you count what has melted and came in as rain too. Estes Park has gotten 4 ft! The flakes were so big, some seemed to be the size of ping pong balls. The roads are a mess, highways closed and abandoned cars on the streets.

There was still progress on the house before and during the storm. It's coming along.

View of the front room of the house, that is the big front window you see.
View towards teh back of the house, the french doors in the kitchen have drywall leaning against them. The large doorway from the dining/living area into the kitchen keeps it feeling open in this space.
Jake standing in the kitchen, the living/dining area is seen in the background.
You can see the front door here and the doorway into the front guest bedroom.

This is the back corner of the kitchen, where the cedar is on the outside, where our kitchen desk will go : )

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Amy Pousson said...

Wow! What a difference some wallboard makes! Looking good, guys. :)