Sunday, April 5, 2009

Snow, snow...snow...snow, snow...............

The weather has slowed progress a bit but we are still moving forward as fast as we can. It has been a while (over a week) since we posted, we have had about four different snow storms come through, we have probably gotten over 18" in Denver. The ski resorts have gotten a lot more than that!
We had to shovel a couple of inches of snow out of the kitchen...

Jake on patrol out front.

The electrical work is almost finished on the ground level. They will get the rough inspection done once they get the smoke alarms up. You can see kitchen can lights and switch and outlet boxes here.

And the roofers are here!! This should help with any future storms that roll in. I guess windows and doors are kind of important too, but they are scheduled to arrive early this week as well, and installation should begin Tuesday! Very exciting, we will be able to close and lock the house soon.

Making a cricket around the skylight.

New stucco on the inside of the parapet wall - the modified roofing material will go up the side of the parapet to the lip and we will have a cap that will hang down over the roof so that no water will be able to get to the decking.

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