Monday, February 23, 2009

Ideas for Broken-Off Brick Part

Here are some pictures that show the idea of the 'fix' for the broken off brick corner.  I am thinking about the back of the house utilizing wood siding, which would wrap around the corner of the house where the brick broke off.  Kindof like the corner of the addition in this first photo on the corner, and then as this photo is around the french doors of the house, and then use smooth grey stucco for the addition and garage.  If we can't figure out how to implement this type of linear wood siding, or some variation, we will rebuild the brick and stick with the Hardy Plank on the back of the house and on the addition.

This photo shows for example, what my dream would be for the addition, but the wood is expensive I think so we are just going to try to use it on a little part.

This photo shows the combination of brick, grey stucco, and wood plank.

Here is a little coloring I did to depict this concept to our contractor a while back.

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Meredith said...

WOW! I like this idea! It does look a bit pricey...but can't they throw in some extras for you guys, given that they let your house fall in! ;) All things happen for a reason. That brick fall might be the best thing that happened to the house?! One never knows. Looks like a sweet basement...Can't wait for the party you are throwing down there once it is all completed! ;)