Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fence & Unfinished Curbside

We have been working on the 'hellstrip' for what seems like forever. That area between the street and the sidewalk, owned by the city, but our mudpit to walk through all winter. We're trying to fill with rocks and plants, to give it a natural pathway feel, requiring minimal care, along with a bed for our squash. We've hired help to dig the weeds and dirt, both saying it was the hardest dirt they've ever dealt with. Yikes.

You can see our new fence in these photos, though I want to post something more beautiful once it's all done, since I don't think you can tell how nice it is here. The fence turned out very nice, it is well built, keeps Jake in the yard, makes the house feel secure, and gives the yard a cozy feeling from sitting on the front porch. Notice how our tomato plants are huge now! We've got the most delicious heirlooms this year!

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hilary said...

It's looking amazing Kelli & Nick! The fence is perfect. Your gardens look gorgeous too. Want to come landscape our house? You guys definitely have a knack for it.