Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back to the house, or yard at least

We are finally getting around to building our fence/gate at the back of the deck that leads to a rear parking area and the alley. Nick put up a few boards last night and we think it is going to look GOOD! We'll post the 'after' photos soon. I'm hoping to put a potted plant with some sort of vine to grow on this fence to give us something nice to look at out of the french doors in the kitchen.

On another note, we have been brainstorming ideas of what to do with our curbside, which is currently full of weeds and dirt, so it gets quite muddy to get out of the car here. We were thinking of just putting some trees and gravel. Other people in the neighborhood put either grass, gravel, or a large collection of native plants out on the curbside. We want the space to be as low maintenance as possible really, and we want to solve the mud issue. We finally decided on putting in several raised beds, surrounded by gravel pathways to grow our large vine garden veggies. I'm excited, look at the interesting seeds we picked up!

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