Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 17: The Day the Leprechauns tore up our house

We walked up to the house yesterday and saw that it is looking worse and worse as time goes by.  But as someone told us, it has to get a lot worse before it can get better.  In other words, you have to scramble the eggs if you want to make an omelet.   Steph is in town so we have more photos than usual.

Nick walking up to the house

Side of the front porch

The back of the house where the bricks fell off is being repaired to make it prepared for the cedar siding that will be added.

This is a view from the alley.

Looking into our kitchen through the "french doors."

Kelli is standing in the kitchen area looking down into the huge basement.

Right now they are re-doing in the roof, so it's very well lit inside the house.

Kelli feels dizzy when she walks around due to the lack of walls.

The happy couple!

Back corner of house

This is the huge beam that will be going through our living room

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