Monday, January 5, 2009

Ikea Kitchen

Here are some photos of Steph and I exploring the ikea kitchen we will be installing in the house.  And photos of the old kitchen as a reminder!  The wall you see of existing cabinetry will be where the sink, stove and counterspace are with open shelving of walnut above, and a white chicklet tile covered wall.  There will be an island in the center with a walnut top and sides, and on the other side of the kitchen that you cannot see, several tall cabinets for pantry and storage along with the fridge.  The back door will become french doors, and around the corner there will be the laundry area and doorway into our master bedroom.


Amy Pousson said...

That kitchen is going to be so awesome! How's everything else coming along?

Meredith said...

Sounds wonderful! Get to work...can't wait to see some demo action going on! ;)

kel said...

heehee! i can't wait either. working on final plans and budget, demo should start hard core next week!